Hydrogen® Osmostar, the water generator and its components are manufactured in South Korea with high quality requirements.

It is an approved product with quality certification and health certificate, according to Standard 149.101 for the whole EU.

Hydrogen® Osmostar is manufactured with approved, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.

Because we are working on something as serious and important as our customers' health, we place enormous demands on manufacturers, distributors and
importers, and we are looking forward to working with retailers who, as we strive to offer top quality customer service and top-quality product knowledge.

Of course, we offer product warranty against any manufacturing defects under 2 years!

Today, Hydrogen® Osmostar leads the market of modern hydrogen water generators in Europe!

Health and quality certificate UNE for the product Hydrogen® Osmostar issue of:

Stenco is a company authorized to control, issue health, hygiene and quality certificates.

Certificate Nº APEQ-1510161 (in Spanish)

Montornés del Vallés - Barcelona-Spain, 12/9/2015.