Hydrogen® the most advanced technology in health!

What is Hydrogen®? - What is Hydrogenated Water?

Hydrogen® is a revolutionary technology that enables the production of hydrogenated water with high levels of antioxidants.

The hydrogen water is water to which hydrogen has been added through an electrolysis process.

Drinking hydrogen is drinking water with the strongest antioxidant found in nature.

For decades ago, it is known that the large amounts of antioxidants found in hydrogen water have a major effect on human health.

In Japan, hydrogen water is a big success!

Hydrogenated Water "The Prodigious Water"

Drinking hydrogenated water is health!

Our bodies consist of about 60-70% of water, .... so if you think logically then you understand that it can make a big difference what quality it is on the water you get in you!

When you drink hydrogen-enriched water prevents the formation of free radicals, which helps to fight oxidative stress in our cells.

The oxidative stress considered by many experts is one of the main causes of many diseases and premature aging!

Hydrogen® transforms your usual drinking water into what many researchers regard as the strongest antioxidant in the world.

Hydrogen® - Hydrogenated Water and free radicals

With Hydrogen® and hydrogenated water ...

In the most convenient and efficient way, you can fill your body with antioxidants and fight the excess free radicals in our cells.

Free radical is formed due to:

Poor diet, pollution, stress, preservatives and dyes in food, tobacco, alcohol, side effects of medicines, infections, sun and ultraviolet radiation and age because we generate less antioxidant enzymes over the years, etc …

Effects of hydrogenated water

The important effects

Delays biological aging

Gives energy

Antineurodegenerative properties

Strengthens the immune system


Balances the body's Ph value to an ideal level of 7 to 7.5

Maintains sufficient levels of water in the body

Molecular cluster of hydrogenated water compared with tap water

Common tap water molecule clusters

Consists of 12 to 14 (H2O molecules) per cluster.

Hydrogenated water cluster

Consists of 6 (H2O molecules per cluster) + a hydrogen (H2) molecule.

Hydrogen (H2) is a molecule formed by two hydrogen atoms

Hydrogenated water is ionized water and consists only of 6 molecules.

It is therefore much easier for our cells to pick it up, unlike ordinary water consisting of 12-14 molecules.

Hydrogenated water creates a strong ionized link with the hydrogen molecule, which means that when we drink it is supplied to the body with both water and antioxidant hydrogen.

Hydrogenated Water antioxidant potential is stronger than -550mV

This measure is called ORP (Potential oxidizing-reducer reductor = antioxidant). The unit of measurement is millivolt.

f the positive (+) value is high, the oxidation will be high and high the damage it can cause in the body.
I If on the contrary the value is negative (-) a negative value is better because it shows that the substance / food has an antioxidant effect.

When the negative value (-) is stronger, it is better for health!

Oxidation in the blood when taking common drinks.

Hydrogen -550mV, freshly squeezed juicer -150mV, bottled water + 250mV, tap water + 350mV, soft drinks + 550mV

Positive (+) = Oxidant = Disease

Negative (-) = Antioxidant = Health